In 2014 Let’s Take a More Human Approach to Human Capital

Since went live this past October, we’ve talked a lot about why we felt there was a need for another approach to evaluating and hiring young professionals and as the calendar turns to 2014, we’re reasserting our conviction that something needs to change…

Why?  Because there are nearly 7 million young adults who are unemployed and not in school and untold numbers of employers who can’t find quality young talent.  We created because we are convinced that the talent is there, we just need to shift our thinking on how we find and develop it.

It’s always struck us that there was a lack of humanity in companies’ search for human capital.  Whether it’s old-fashioned resume-screening software’s reliance on experience keywords or the exclusivity of professional or university networks, we’ve created structural barriers for entire populations in the name of efficiency.  In doing so, we’ve given a sense of entitlement to those who are in while leaving everyone else to toil along as a statistic.

The good news is that there are some new companies out there who are helping to bridge the gap between companies and these populations by adding more human measures to candidate evaluations.

We love that MindSumo has moved the type of problem-solving evaluation that often happens in the final stages of candidate interviews (if it happens at all) to the initial screen.  New types of candidates will emerge by evaluating new ideas, not past achievements.

We love that HireVue, HireArt, and Take The Interview have scaled interviewing through on demand video interviews.  The ability to see more people represent themselves through interviews will help companies identify more of the right people who may not immediately jump out at recruiters on paper.

And beyond these companies working to change how companies recruit, we love that there are thousands of organizations that are working to better prepare young people for their careers.  We are proud to be among the hundreds of them who have joined the Opportunity Nation Coalition, committing to help recapture the American Dream by expanding economic opportunity to anyone with the desire and drive to work towards it.

We created because we think that there’s still more to be done to help young people and companies.  On the recruiting side, there’s still a trade-off between efficiency and evaluation of candidates’ human potential.  On the candidate side, too few know how to represent the real, long-term value that they can bring to an employer if their experience and capabilities don’t 100% match a job description.

The entry-level job and job seeker marketplace we created at is designed to address both of these issues at scale.  At, companies can quickly discover and evaluate a larger, more diverse population of candidates who are defined by the soft skills and attitudinal measures that will define their long-term value while candidates can identify, verify and better represent these core intangibles through their educational, volunteering and work experience.

There are millions of people and companies who need help with early career hiring – it’s an economic and societal problem that needs a human approach.  Our hope for 2014 is that more people come to understand and embrace that idea: that more companies put people at the center of their hiring practices and continue to find more innovative ways to do it; that more job seekers feel empowered to develop themselves and ultimately their careers confident in an economy that will recognize their potential.

Can 2014 be the year that we take a more a human approach to human capital?  Come join the movement at


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